Opportunities for Ph. D and Post Doctorate

Designing, synthesis and utilization of polymers is an inter disciplinary field which attains high research interest recently.
Precise designing of the catalyst/initiator is the prerequisite for the synthesis of well-defined polymers.
Our group mainly deals with synthetic and mechanistic studies of gas (olefin) polymerizations by novel complex catalyst system
Controlled free radical polymerizations like ATRP, NMRFP etc., Polypeptide synthesis, Functional polymer(block, random, brush, star, 3DOM) synthesis,
nano fabrications, Microfluidics etc. are the other areas of interest.

The ideal candidates will have a Master (or equivalent) in Polymer science, Chemisty, Biochemistry, MEMS (Ph.D for the the post-doctoral fellowship) with knowledge of
(or at least interest in) organic synthesis, polymer synthesis, nanofabrications, handling analytical instruments etc.
Adequate knowledge in dealing with molecular modelling computer softwares is an additional merit.
Interested candidates are invited to send a letter of motivation and curriculum vitae, (preferably by email) to: Professor Il KIm